About Us

Aluminium is used in various industries. It reaches hundreds of thousands of tons. Starting from engineering field, such as heat sinks, the realm of construction, and fabrication, to other industries such as shipyards. We, at Alumeid, a brand owned by PT Sri Indah Aluminium Extrusion, really understand this.

With decades of experience, in the field of aluminium smelting, die-casting, and extrusion, alumeid has succeeded in providing solutions to clients, in various fields of industry, through the best products. Alumeid provides aluminium ingot in both ADC and AK series, aluminium billet in various diameters, and surely aluminium extrusion for various industrial needs.

The satisfactions of partners is also Alumeid’s priority. Therefore, we always ensure that the production results are in accordance with the ordered criteria by checking the results with the standardized methods. All products are tested using ASTM standardized method E227 :1990 (1996), and especially for extrusion products are tested with ASTM standardized method B557-2006 to ensure material content/composition. Not only that, in the aluminium smelting process, the fluxing process is carried out several times so that it can separate and lift the ash dirt to the maximum.

Consult the needs of aluminium in your industry with Alumeid immediately. As part of the commitment to serve the partner, we also provide assistance in handling export/ import, or other matters related to the business fields of the partners.

The progress of your business is a priority for Alumeid.